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1) Where did you take BALLET classes last Spring 2019? And, where are you currently enrolled this Fall 2019? (GCB will verify studio enrollment. Please check all that apply.)

Spring 2019 Fall 2019
Ballet Arts Academy
Downtown Dance Collective
On Center Performing Arts
Rocky Mountain Ballet Theatre
Show Tyme Academy
University of Montana

2) How many times have you been in GCB's production of The Nutcracker?
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3) What roles have you danced? Please enter the number of times played next to the roles.
Clara: Fritz:
Drosselmeyer: Drosselmeyer's Assistant / Nutcracker Prince:
Party Scene Adult / Teen / Cousin: Party Scene Girl:
Party Scene Boy: Butler:
Maid: Ballerina Doll:
Toy Soldier Doll: Columbine / Harlequin / Pierrot Doll:
Ornament / Candy Cane: Rat King:
Hench Mice: Lead Mice:
Little Mice: Soldier General - Soloist:
Soldier Captain: Soldier Corps:
Snow Queen - Soloist: Snow King:
Snow Demi-Soloist: Snow Corps:
Snow Icicle: Angel Soloist:
Angel: Act II Opening Welcome Garden - Soloist / Demi-Soloist:
Act II Opening Welcome Garden - Corps: Court Servant:
Sugar Plum Fairy (school show): Chocolate (Spanish) Soloist:
Chocolate (Spanish) Corps: Nightingale Soloist:
Coffee (Arabian Princess/Prince) Soloist: Coffee (Arabian) Corps:
Shepherdess: Sheep:
Clara's Flock: Reed Flute Soloist:
Reed Flute Corps: Tea (Chinese) Soloist:
Tea (Chinese) Quartet / Corps: "Chinese Lion":
Mother Ginger: Gingersnap:
Russian: Waltz of the Flowers - Rose Queen/King - Soloist:
Waltz of the Flowers - Demi-Soloist: Waltz of the Flowers - Corps:
Waltz of the Flowers - Rose Bud: Waltz of the Flowers - Tiny Petal:
Understudy (and # of times per role):

4) If your schedule is busy and you/your child prefer(s) to be cast in only ONE role, check here:

5) The role of Clara has higher demands on the dancer and family.
If you do NOT want this role, check here:

6) (For girls only) If you are willing and eager to play the role of a Party Scene BOY, check here:

7) (For parents only) If cast as a Party Girl or Clara, there is an extra $50 fee for a customized hairpiece. If as a parent, you prefer your child NOT be cast in either of these roles, check here to OPT OUT:

8) If you WILL be a graduating senior from high school this academic year, check here:

9) If you have NOT presented a flower bouquet to Clara or one of our professional guests, check here:

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GCB assumes that you read, understand, and agree to all terms and conditions below.


If you submit this registration form online, a copy will be emailed to the “Dancer” and “Parent (1)” email address.


A parent or guardian signature is needed for dancers under the age of 18 years.


Terms and Conditions


1)     Every member of the cast is required to pay a non-refundable $200 performance fee on or before the first parent/cast meeting. This fee helps cover expenses related to instruction, costumes, and theater rental. (Note: Invited performers, professional actors, and guest artists are exempt. Party Scene adults are also exempt from the $200 fee, but are asked to make a donation that is personally meaningful.)  


2)     Casting decisions will be made in order to produce the best show possible. There is no guarantee that everyone who auditions will receive a part. Certain dancers may receive more than one role. There is no automatic progression from one role to another (i.e. a Gingersnap does not always become a Mouse the following year). Performers may be cast in the same role year after year (i.e. Snow Scene).


3)     Rehearsals will be held primarily on Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays (September-December). Every dancer is expected to attend all rehearsals scheduled for his/her role(s). One or more absences may result in a dancer being replaced. A production of this kind requires excellent attendance from every cast member. Please give careful consideration before auditioning and committing your family to the demanding three-month long rehearsal schedule.


4)    ALERT:  All rehearsals during “tech week” in December are mandatory. All (6) performances are mandatory. “I have cleared, or will clear, all school, family, and work conflicts for this time period.”


5)     Performers must sign and return a Liability Waiver and Performance Agreement.


6)     The Nutcracker is a community event that continues to be successful with the generous help of parent volunteers. As a parent, “I will volunteer for a minimum of (3) jobs.” If you serve as a Board member or Committee Chair, thank you for volunteering well beyond this minimum!


7)     I understand and agree that rehearsing for and dancing in The Nutcracker is at my own risk, or at my child’s own risk, and that Garden City Ballet, its Board of Directors, and staff, are not responsible for any injury that might occur.


8)      “I give my permission for the dancer named on this form (who is under the age of 18) to audition for, attend rehearsals, and perform in The Nutcracker.”



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