The Nutcracker Auditions

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2018 Auditions

Auditions will be held Friday evening, September 7 and Sunday, September 9. To register, click on the link that appears just below the boxed area. It says "CLICK HERE to register online." There is also important information to download on the link immediately below.


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Performance Agreement

We ask all performers to read and follow these expectations so that everyone's experience, and the show itself, are positive and fabulous:  CLICK HERE.


Performance Liability Waiver

Please print, sign, and bring this form to your audition:  CLICK HERE.


    Audition Tips

    CLICK HERE for helpful hints about auditioning.


    Ballet Head Shot

    Please bring a ballet head shot photo to your audition. It may be in color or b/w, and should be no larger than 3x5" in size. Ladies please style hair in a neat bun. Gentlemen should have hair out of eyes and off of face. There is no need to hire a professional photographer. Make-up is not required for the photo or audition. Your photo will be submitted to the casting committee, and will not be returned. Here is an example:




    • There is a non-refundable $200 performance fee after casting is complete (due in full at the first cast meeting in September) for all performers. This fee helps to cover expenses such as costumes, studio and theater rental, production crew, and rehearsal instruction. GCB offers a fundraising program to help families and individuals offset this expense.

    • Performers will be allowed to rehearse only when a liability waiver is signed, and performance fee paid.

    • Rehearsals usually begin the weekend following auditions, and are held on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday.

    • A production of this kind requires excellent attendance from every cast member. Please give careful consideration before auditioning and committing your family to this three-month long rehearsal schedule. Absences should be communicated in advance to the Director. A cast member may be replaced for any unexcused (or excused) absence during the production season.

    • All rehearsals during "tech week" in December are required. Please clear any school commitment (band, choir, play, orchestra, holiday party, etc.) in September. Don't wait until the last minute to communicate. 
    • All performances are required.