The Nutcracker Cast

Congratulations to the 2017 Cast of The Nutcracker!


ACT ONE:  Party Scene


Drosselmeyer:  Jeff Medley


Drosselmeyer's Assistant / Nutcracker Prince:  Dexter Reh


Clara:  Audrey Kurz

Understudy:  Gwyn Havlik


Fritz:  Opal Murray


Father:  David Mills-Low


Mother:  Liz Dybdal


Butler:  Paul Standen


Maid:  Leslie Dybdal


Party Women:  Jennifer Barnett, Jenna Buska, Lara Dorman, Crystal Herzog, Britt Schlosshardt


Party Men:  Cory Adams, Greg Dillon, Thomas O'Brien, Russ Thomas, Nathan Yrizarry


Clara’s Friends:  Juliet Curtis, Baret Wallace


Party Girls:  Charlotte Gimpelson, Daisy Kulina, Alta Murray, Peyton Size, Libby Soll, Nadelie Taylor


Party Boys:  Adahlia Gransberg, Amelia Jeffs, Gabriella Morelli, Sylvie Nelson, Margot Pence, Lily Stearns, Luna Washburn


Ballerina Doll:  Kate Smith

Understudy:  Nina Erving


Harlequin Doll:  Clara Stergios

Understudy:  Maisie Hart


Toy Soldier Doll:  Liana Dillon

Understudy:  Gabriella Wilson


ACT ONE:  Fight Scene


Rat King:  Ciera Syvrud


Hench Mice:  Nina Erving, Maisie Hart, Gwyn Havlik, Gabriella Wilson


Lead Mice:  Hazel Black, Rose Wiltse


Little Mice:  Daphne Adams, Yvette Ballantyne, Emerson Dady, Miles Goodwin, Asha Gregoire, Skye Kozlowitz, Iris Pence, Isabelle Poteet, Sophia Rosenthal, Maya Strawbridge, Betty Wicks, Ruby Wicks


Soldier General:  Savannah Wilson


Soldier Captains:  Clara Hahn, Layne Rolston-Clemmer, Clara Stergios, Brianne Stube


Soldiers:  Stella Albritton, Annabella Bradley Browning, Charlie Bratton, Elle Checota, Sophia Cowmey, Olivia Farnes, Nora Frame, Annika Johnston, Thalia Lambros, Tess Rosbarsky, Anika Smith, Zora Ybarra


Ornaments:  Payton Blahnik-Elliott, Amelia Fogarty, Cate Gibbons


ACT ONE:  Snow Scene


Snow Queen:  Audrey Pettit


Snow King:  Mark Nelson


Snow Demi-Soloists:  Talla Gass, Grace Nolan

Understudy for Soloists:  Lorraine Gardner


Snowflakes:  Isabella Adams, Liana Dillon, Maeve Fahey, Lorraine Gardner, Molly Gibbons, Thalia Gustina, Kate Smith, Ciera Syvrud

Understudy: Lydia West


ACT TWO:  Welcome Garden


Angels:  Evie Belsom, Piper Bratton, Annie Caras, Charlotte Gimpleson, Delilah Nelson, Margot Pence, Isabelle Poteet, Sylvie Semanoff, Anika Smith, Emma Williams


Welcome Garden - Fuchsias:  Nina Erving, Gwyn Havlik


Welcome Garden - Irises:  Juliet Curtis, Daisy Kulina, Thalia Lambros, Alta Murray, Layne Rolston-Clemmer, Brianne Stube, Baret Wallace, Rose Wiltse


Welcome Garden - Peonies:  Stella Albritton, Hazel Black, Elle Checota, Linnea Farr, Annika Johnston, Libby Soll, Nadelie Taylor, Zora Ybarra


Sugar Plum Fairy (Special Guest):  Ashley Hagler

Cavalier (Special Guest):  Troy Herring


ACT TWO:  Variations


Chocolate (Spanish) Soloist:  Liana Dillon

Understudy:  Kate Smith


Chocolate Corps:  Annabella Bradley Browning, Sophia Cowmey, Olivia Farnes, Sylvie Nelson


Nightingale:  Maeve Fahey


Nightingale Attendants:  Payton Blahnik-Elliott, Clara Hahn, Maisie Hart, Kate Smith, Gabriella Wilson, Savannah Wilson


Tea (Chinese) Soloist:  Lorraine Gardner

Understudy:  Ciera Syvrud


Tea Corps:  Charlie Bratton, Piper Bratton, Annie Caras, Linnea Farr, Nora Frame, Amelia Jeffs, Gabriella Morelli, Opal Murray, Delilah Nelson, Sylvie Semanoff, Layla Sevilla, Peyton Size, Anika Smith, Lily Stearns, Luna Washburn, Emma Williams


Shepherdesses:  Isabella Adams, Molly Gibbons, Lydia West

Understudy:  Clara Stergios


Sheep:  Zachary Baldwin, Carmen Cavanaugh, Lindley Erickson, Kaitlyn Reinhardt


Mother Ginger:  David Mills-Low


Gingersnaps:  Cast A (Fri 10:00am, Sat 7:30pm, Sun 2:00pm)

Robbie Gibbons, Thea Goodwin, Emerson Laird, Sofia Millan, Cora Miller, Anne Jung McMurray, Rhea Smith, George Yrizarry


Gingersnaps:  Cast B (Fri 7:30pm, Sat 2:00pm, Sun 6:00pm)

Aspen Baker, Evie Belsom, Eleanor Fogarty, Aspen Headley, Maya Leischner, Elsa Pelger, McKenna Richter, Sophia Rosenthal


Russian:  Thalia Gustina, Grace Nolan, Audrey Pettit

Understudy:  Isabella Adams


ACT TWO:  Waltz of the Flowers


Rose Queen:  Talla Gass

Understudy:  Thalia Gustina


Flower Demi-Soloists:  Maeve Fahey, Lorraine Gardner

Understudy:  Lydia West


Flower Corps:  Nina Erving, Amelia Fogarty, Clara Hahn, Maisie Hart, Gwyn Havlik, Megan Snow, Gabriella Wilson, Savannah Wilson

Understudy:  Brianne Stube


Rose Buds:  Annabella Bradley Browning, Cate Gibbons, Thalia Lambros, Tess Rosbarsky



Note:  If you have been cast as an understudy and it is not clear on the weekly schedule, please communicate directly with your Choreographer to confirm which rehearsals you will be asked to attend.


Please direct all casting concerns to the Artistic Director, Michele Antonioli: