The Nutcracker Tickets

== Tickets ==

Adams Center Box Office Hours:

Monday-Friday (8:30am - 4:30pm, except legal holidays)

(406) 243-4051 or 1-888-MONTANA (666-8262)


To purchase tickets online, CLICK HERE. (See details below about added fees.)


Important Details

All seats reserved. Going in person to the GrizTix window inside the Adams Center is the cheapest place to buy tickets. There are a few nearby Quick Stop parking spaces that make it convenient. Many ticket clerks are students with little training for non-athletic events (like ours). Be sure to choose your own seats or the computer may assign seats you do not want. Double check your tickets (for proper event, day, time, row and seats) before leaving the ticket window. There are no discount prices for students, seniors, or children. The full length ballet runs approximately 2 hours, with one 20-minute intermission. Parking on campus is limited and restricted; please check with Campus Parking for details.


Ticket Fees

GrizTix adds a $2 service fee per ticket.


GrizTix charges additional convenience fees per ticket (on top of the $2 service fee per ticket) as follows:


Online convenience fee is $3.50 (plus $2 GrizTix service fee).


Phone convenience fee is $5.00 (plus $2 GrizTix service fee).


Outlet convenience fee is $3.00 (plus $2 GrizTix service fee):

  • Worden's Market
  • Southgate Mall
  • MSO Hub


$30 Matinee (plus GrizTix fees)

$35 Evening (plus GrizTix fees)


Cancellation Policy

Nutcracker performances are held rain or shine. Be prepared for winter weather conditions that might complicate or delay travel plans to/from Missoula and the Montana Theatre. All tickets are non-refundable - no exceptions.


2019 Performances

Friday, December 13 (10:00am) - Sponsored School Show - closed to public

Friday, December 13 (7:30 pm) - Opening Night

Saturday, December 14 (2:00 pm matinee)

Saturday, December 14 (7:30 pm evening)

Sunday, December 15 (2:00 pm matinee)

Sunday, December 15 (6:00 pm evening)


Requesting Donation of Tickets

In addition to the 500 tickets we donate each year for the free school show, GCB accepts requests from organizations and will donate (2) tickets every year to a good cause.


Send requests and information to:

  • Your Name
  • Organization Name
  • Mission Statement
  • Reason for Request


Deadline: September 30