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My dancer is sick or has been identified as a close contact – what do I do?
Follow this flowchart!

QA Masking During Tech Week and Performances

Current Schedule

December 10-11 … final mandatory (adj. required by law or rules; compulsory) rehearsals at Ballet Arts Academy.

It is your responsibility to carefully check the schedule each Wednesday (or later). Additional rehearsals are often called as we get closer to performances. Costume fittings are required, and will be noted on the schedule. Be sure to check both studios every weekend for your specific role(s).

Missing a Rehearsal?
Absences (except for sudden illness or emergency) must be communicated at least one full week in advance to the Artistic Director, Administrative Director, and choreographer. Your absence may indicate cancelling a rehearsal (or costume fitting) for all dancers in the variation.

Send email notice to: (this will reach Michele and Marie) (Caroline)

Tech Week Schedule
Please familiarize yourselves with this beast. There may be some changes, but this will give you the basic idea. Happy to review page by page with new families — it can be a Zoom support group format!

Tech Week (12/9 updates: change in Friday matinee warm up barre instructor, listed Cast Party time, deleted Mice whiskers, added Flower Corps and Adults to Final Bow)

Please clear your schedule of all conflicts. Tech week rehearsals and all (6) performances are required for the entire cast.

Dancers and Parents:  Please notify your dance studio teachers that you may be missing classes or company rehearsals.

Reading the Schedule
Please read all schedules carefully. We encourage parents to print a hard copy, review all days and both studios, then highlight each rehearsal time pertaining to their dancer. If you are unsure, feel free to ask for clarification!

(Subject to Change)

Act One:

Party Scene (approx. 30 min):
Drosselmeyer, Drosselmeyer’s Assistant / Nutcracker Prince, Clara, Fritz, Mother, Father, Butler, Maids, Ballerina Doll, Toy Soldier Doll, Adults, Friends, Girls and Boys

The Magical Battle (aka Fight Scene, approx. 10 min, plus 5 min for Transformation):
Clara, Nutcracker Prince, Rat King, Hench Mice, Lead Mice, Little Mice, General and Soldiers, Ornaments, Drosselmeyer

Snow Scene (approx. 11 min):
Snow Queen and King, Demi-Soloists, Snowflakes (Corps)

Act Two:

Moonflower Fairy and Angels

Welcome Garden:
Butterflies, Royal Attendants, Bluebells, Violets,
Plus: Clara, Nutcracker Prince, Rose Queen, Arabian soloists, Spanish soloist, Chinese soloist, Russian (all)

2021 Order of Variations:
Marzipan from Denmark / Shepherdesses and Sheep
Coffee from Arabia
Chocolate from Spain
Tea from China
Mother Ginger and Gingersnaps
Trepak from Russia

Waltz of the Flowers:
Rose Queen, Demi-soloists, Flower Corps, Rosebuds

Sugar Plum Fairy and Cavalier

Clara, Nutcracker Prince, Ballerina Doll, Snow Queen and King, Moonflower Fairy, Butterflies, Shepherdesses, Spanish Chocolate Soloist, Arabian Coffee Soloists, Chinese Tea Soloist, Russian Trepak Corps, Rose Queen

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