Our Donors

We at Garden City Ballet extend heartfelt thanks to our…

In-Kind Donors

Amazing businesses and individuals support us year after year!
Alpine Physical Therapy (consults and therapy)
Ballet Arts Academy (rehearsal studios)
Berkshire Hathaway (meeting space)
Bitterroot Flower Shop (flowers)
Doubletree by Hilton Hotel (lodging)
Lee Pielaet & Lori Stevens (airline miles)
Merle Norman (coordinating hair piece order)
Mike’s Print & Copy (printing)
One Eleven (hosting)
Providence St. Patrick Hospital (trucks)
Rococo Bridal and Formal (tuxedos)

Cash Donors

(We will kick off our season fundraising drive soon, and list all individual and corporate donors here!)

Missoula Gives Donors

Since 2017, Garden City Ballet has participated in this online crowdfunding event sponsored by the Missoula Community Foundation. This year, we were astounded to raise over $5,000 through Missoula Gives (April 30-May 1) and we wish to acknowledge and thank these generous donors:

  • Katie Albritton
  • Marie Barnett
  • Rebecca Belsom
  • Jenna Blakely
  • Jessica Cardiff
  • Exie Clark
  • The Cavanaugh Family
  • Greg Dillon
  • Liz Dybdal
  • Susan Elliott
  • Elizabeth and Matt Erickson
  • Paul Filicetti
  • Elena Furrow
  • Julie Gardner
  • Deborah Gass
  • Talla Gass
  • Leslie Goodavish
  • The Goodwin Family
  • Karen and Larry Gookin
  • Colleen Hagler
  • The Hahn Family
  • Kerry Haney
  • Kasey Harbine
  • Angela Harrington
  • John, Melissa, and Maisie Hart
  • Crystal Herzog
  • Angie Kremkau
  • Brooke Krininger
  • Caroline and Mike Kurz
  • The Lambros Family
  • The Lightners
  • Raine Lightner
  • Andy Mefford
  • Loretta Metra
  • Libby and Cora Miller
  • Charlotte Nelson
  • Stephanie Neumayer Tooke
  • Dave Noble
  • The Nord Family
  • Kerry O’Keefe
  • Paulette Oderio
  • Kathleen Ort
  • Jolyn Ortega
  • Loreen Pettit
  • Brenda Phillips
  • Lee Pielaet
  • Erin Reed
  • Mary Romano (Grandma Terry)
  • Colleen and Matt Rosbarsky
  • Sonja and Jay Skovlin
  • Sasha Smith
  • Mary Lou and Tom Stergios
  • Lori Stevens
  • Clinton Summers
  • Carol Thakur
  • Russell Thomas
  • Dana Watts
  • Barbra West
  • Danelle Whalen
  • Maria Whisenhunt
  • Kate and George Ybarra

And, thanks to our Anonymous donors, too!

(Not to brag, but our “Nutcracker in Isolation” video won the most votes in the 2020 Missoula Gives 30-Second Video Challenge…. just saying.)