Our Donors

We at Garden City Ballet extend heartfelt thanks to our…

Longstanding In-Kind Donors

Amazing businesses and individuals support us — year after year!
Alpine Physical Therapy (consults and therapy)
Ballet Arts Academy (rehearsal studios)
Berkshire Hathaway (meeting space)
Bitterroot Flower Shop (flowers)
Doubletree by Hilton Hotel (lodging)
Lee Pielaet & Lori Stevens (airline miles)
Mike’s Print & Copy (printing)
Missoula Children’s Theater (Drosselmeyer’s costume)
Rococo Bridal and Formal (tuxedos)

2022 Missoula Gives Donors

Since 2017, Garden City Ballet has participated in this online crowdfunding event sponsored by the Missoula Community Foundation. This year, we were thrilled to raise over $22,000 through Missoula Gives — thank you everyone — including our anonymous donors!

Of special note, we received our largest individual donation in the history of the organization — an anonymous donation of $14,200 — along with this letter to the Board of Directors. Gifts of this size are extremely rare for us, and Board President Kerry Haney has sent a thank you letter to express GCB’s profound appreciation.

Anonymous (4)
Aunt Dena and Uncle Chris
Geoff and Tess
Lynette and Scott
Super Six in Texas
Jennifer and Jon Andersen
Celeste Askin
Janice Bishop
Jenna Blakely
Linda Bodenlos
Glenda Bradshaw
JoyAnn Brake
Leah Catherine Brake
Nancy Brake
Rita Brandborg
Buckingham Family
Jane Cavanaugh
Cavanaugh Family
Steven Clarke
Ruth Coenen
Cornerstone Technical
Sheryl Decker
Katie DeSoto
Alayne Dolson
Demetra Lambros and Michael Duffy
Lizabeth Dybdal
Susan Elliott
Elizabeth and Matt Erickson
Kristy Farago
Terri and Tom Farago
Dream Fishell
Julie Fogarty
Kal and Lyndee Fogel
Cari Follett
Barry Furrow
Elena Furrow
Mara, Erin, and Rob Furrow
Julie Gardner
Bonnie Gilbert
Charlotte Gimpelson
Amy Glaspey
Thea Goodwin
Karen and Larry Gookin
Katie Guffin
Kerry and Dan Haney
Kasey Harbine
Kris Hawkins
Kristi Jacobsen
Dee and Jim Lafata
Lindsay Lafata
Wanda Lamm
Nicole Lightner
Melinda Long
Lindsey Mahoney
Cora Miller
Douglas Minor
Rowen, Ingrid, and Patrick Moore
John Murphy
Barbara Naperalsky
Martin Nelson
Neumayer-Tooke Family
Aubrey O’Hara Zak
Robert Parsons
Christie Petrovich
Loreen Pettit
Brenda Phillips
Gretchen and Alex Philp
Michelle Popiel
Colleen Purcell
Shirley Reisig
Jennifer Richard Riddle
Mary T Romano
Mya Sanger
Mary Anne Shank
Glenda Smith
Michael Smith
Mary Stelletello
Lori Stevens
Clinton Summers
Steve Summers
Sharon Swindle
Elizabeth Tan
Thornblade Family
Diane and Bill Tooke
Stephanie Tucker
Carolyn W.
The Webbs
Barb West
Kate and George Ybarra
Yoga Happiness
Jan Zarling

2022 School Show Donors (pending)

Each fall, we ask for financial support to make our free school show a reality — and, every year we are humbled by the generosity of our individual and business donors.