Our Donors

We at Garden City Ballet extend heartfelt thanks to our…

In-Kind Donors

Amazing businesses and individuals support us — year after year!
Alpine Physical Therapy (consults and therapy)
Ballet Arts Academy (rehearsal studios)
Berkshire Hathaway (meeting space)
Bitterroot Flower Shop (flowers)
Doubletree by Hilton Hotel (lodging)
Lee Pielaet & Lori Stevens (airline miles)
Mike’s Print & Copy (printing)
Missoula Children’s Theater (Drosselmeyer’s costume)
Montana Party Time (tablecloths)
One Eleven (Missoula Gives hosting)
Providence St. Patrick Hospital (trucks)
Rococo Bridal and Formal (tuxedos)

Missoula Gives Donors

Since 2017, Garden City Ballet has participated in this online crowdfunding event sponsored by the Missoula Community Foundation. In 2021, we were astounded to raise $21,841 through Missoula Gives — thank you everyone — including our many anonymous donors, too… a few of which are listed below!

Anonymous (honor of Aspen Headley)
Anonymous (honor of Audrey Pettit)
Anonymous (honor of The Pettit Snow Queen)
Anonymous (memory of Carol J Murphy)
Anonymous (honor of Lydia West)
Robin Abeshaus (honor of Sylvie Semanoff)
Karen Adler
Michele Antonioli
Christine Armstrong
Jennifer Bader
Julie and Aaron Baldwin
Zach Baldwin
Jennifer Barile
Marie Barnett
Charles Beaton
Barbara Beaton
Lori and Jerry Begen
Belsom Family
Julie Benson
Karen Biety
Nancy and David Brake
Bratton Family
Patrick Bratton (Summit Roofing, Inc.)
Carol and Richard Bridges
Casey Buckingham
Kristen Cameron
Virginia Carroll
Carmen Cavanaugh
Jane Cavanaugh
Cavanaugh Family
David Cernicek
Elizabeth Clay
Shauna Clemmer
Emily Cohen
Leslie Collins
Christy Constantine
Dena Corsentino
Willa Craig
Dana and Jamie Cramer
Josh Davis
Katie DeSoto
Dillon Family
Drum Coffee
Jennifer Drummond, and Chloe (honor of Margo Jerrim)
Jennifer Durilla
Ali Duvall
Terry Egan
James M Eicher
Susan and Audrey Elliott (honor of Scott Muchow)
Michele Erausquin
Elizabeth and Matt Erickson
Shannon Farnes
Maggie Farrell
John Fehringer (memory of Lou and Claire Stevens)
Paul Filicetti
Julie Fogarty
Suzanne Fowle
Lucy France
Elena Furrow and Robert Headley
Crystal Gartner
Talla Gass
Diane Gerber (honor of Sylvie Semanoff)
Goodwin Family
Karen and Larry Gookin
Kathryn Grady (Eric, Kathryn, Elizabeth and Michael)
Carolyn Grimaldi
Kay Grissom-Kiely
Laura Grunbaum
Daniel Haas
James Haney (memory of Kathleen Shannon-Haney)
Kasey Harbine
Melissa Hart
Shauna and John Hart
Jan-Olof Hedström (honor of Genevieve Hedström)
Jeanine Hedström
Hertz Family
Anneke Hilvert
Nancy Holmes (honor of Betty Medlin)
John Honsky
Sheri Hughes
Kristi Jacobsen
Linda Jalbert
Jeffs Family
Judy and Ken Johnson
Steve Johnson
Amy Kinch
Gretchen Kozlowski
Abby Kurz
Anna Kurz
Chris Kurz
Marian Kurz
Caroline and Mike Kurz
Dorothea and George Lambros
Sophia Lambros
Kelly Lamm
Melissa Larson
Raine and Nicole Lightner
Gail Longenecker
Annemarie Maguire
Cheryl Maguire
Elizabeth Maguire
James Maguire
Gary G Marsh
Kathleen Milker
Kelly Minichiello
Nanette A. Mocanu
Susan Moran
Charlotte Gimpelson
Gimpelson Morris Family
Kate Mrgudic
(Charlotte) Nelson Family
Stephanie Neumayer, and Ava
Kerry O’Keefe
Kevin O’Neal
Rachel O’Neal
Leslie ODell
Stacy and Bruce Orloff (honor of Sylvie Semanoff)
Kathleen Ort (honor of Oscar Duffield)
Julie Osborn
Mark Patterson, and Gayle and Ellie
(Lindsay) Peteron Family
Arthur Pettit
Audrey Pettit
Carrie Pielaet
Danielle Pielaet
Lee Pielaet
Heidi Pinkney
Kelly Potchak
Victoria Potchak
Leitha Prince
Sarah Rack
Gia Randono
Hank Reisig Family
Shelly Reisig
Robert Rembert
Michael Ridgeway (John and Mike)
Cynthia Ritenour
Suzanne Rizza
Mara Roccaforte (honor of Oscar and Kathleen Duffield)
Paul Roelandt
Mary Romano
Brown Rosenthal Family (honor of Greg Brown)
(Melanie) Rosenthal Family
Jacquelyn Rundle (JSR)
Billy Schmitz
Kathleen Sevilla (honor of John Antonioli)
Mary Anne Shank
Risa Shimoda
Nathan Silberstein
Kate Skinner (Great Divide Physical Therapy)
Dawn Skith (D S)
Glenda Smith
Rachel and Mike Smith
Karen Spahn (honor of Liana and Phoebe Dillon)
Mary Stelletello
Mary Lou Stergios
Sharon Swindle
Elizabeth Tan (Yahtzee!)
Carol Thakur (memory of Hailey Rebuck)
Thornblade Family
Maggie Thuerer
Claude Tonnerre
Sallie Ulrich
Heather Wahl
Brian Walsh
Cindy Waltz
Lori and Chris Warden
Jackie and Todd Warden
Diane and Todd Warner
Jen Watson
Nancy Watson (honor of Audrey Kurz)
Dana Watts
Jessica Weltman
Joel Weltman (honor of Sylvie Semanoff)
Juston West
Lydia West
West Family
Geri Wiess
Dennis Willis (Sustainable Landscapes LLC)
Amy Wilson
Tonnie Wybensinger
Kate and George Ybarra

2021 Season Donors

Blackfoot Communications
Missoula Electric Cooperative
Ole Beck VFW Post 209 Charitable Foundation
Republic Services
Heather Schermerhorn