Especially for new Nutcracker families, the amount of detail and information during the season can be overwhelming. Please always feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns — we are here to make your experience enjoyable and to provide moral support in times of stress. Thank you for doing your part to stay informed!

Costume Fittings
Please check the weekly rehearsal schedule for required costume fittings. It is extremely difficult to fit costumes when even one dancer is missing, so please make every effort to attend — thank you! Dancers should wear ballet attire to the fitting, with hair pulled back and off the neck.
Additional Costume Information
Basic ballet attire is the responsibility of the dancer. It can be very stressful to shop for these items the week before performances — local stores have limited selections, so items often need to be ordered online. Our advice is to gather everything you need well in advance! Label everything with your name — by the end of the season the lost and found is quite impressive.

  • Female dancers must have at least (2) “ballet pink” tights that cover the heel and toes (convertible footed tights are fine, but not ankle length). Tights must be free of all holes, stains, snags and runs. One pair is for performing, and one pair is back up.
  • Female dancers must have pink ballet slippers and pointe shoes (if applicable) in good, clean condition. Slippers with holes (or tape) will not be allowed for performances.
  • Female dancers must wear a thin-strap, nude-colored leotard to wear underneath all costumes (except the following roles may wear a thin-strap leotard of any color: Fritz, Maid, Party Boys, Lead Mice, Little Mice, Soldiers, Butterflies). Nude leotards provide necessary coverage, ensure costumes appear as the designer intends, and serve as a barrier to protect delicate fabrics from sweat and oils from skin. Many dancers also share costumes, so it is a requirement that all dancers wear a leotard under every costume.
  • All dancers (ages 10 and older) must use deodorant before wearing any costumes.
  • All dancers (of a certain age), especially those wearing a tutu, must wear a panti-liner (placed in the leotard, not tights) at all times while in costume, regardless. If you have a situation, please tell someone. Otherwise we might not find out until the following year when fitting costumes for the next season.
  • Male dancers must have at least (2) white ballet tights and black or white ballet slippers (depending on the role). Both tights are generally worn at the same time (for better coverage) while performing.
  • Male dancers (depending on age) also must wear a dance belt.

Certain roles require additional costume accessories (each family is responsible for these items — check first with GCB to see if there are any available to loan).

Note: GCB has thousands of dollars invested in costumes. Any damages due to food or drink, or general lack of care, will the responsibility of the dancer (or family).

Required Accessories

Request to be Excused from School
This form is for students to provide to their teachers. It is a request to be excused from all school-related activities during tech week in December, as well as to notify schools and teachers of all performances. Please resolve all conflicts as soon as possible, so that you are able to attend all mandatory rehearsals and performances.

Request to be Excused from School

How to Make a Proper Ballet Bun
Please watch this video, buy the correct items, and practice making a proper ballet bun throughout the season — ballet buns are expected for all rehearsals. Hair will be checked and must be done properly for dress rehearsals, photographs, and performances. GCB offers a bun-making workshop for new parents — with specific instructions, tips and tricks! If the bun is throwing you over the edge, we have resident experts who can do your child’s hair for you — just let us know.
Instructional Video

Hot tip!
If you have a dancer that is challenging (i.e. can’t sit still, complains of being in pain, criticizes your efforts), grab a friend and switch your kids. It could be more fun for everyone!

All performers, including boys and men, must wear stage make-up. Please do not share personal make-up with other dancers.

Instructions for Make-up

Important: No jewelry is allowed during rehearsals or performances (including earrings, anklets, friendship bracelets, hair ties on wrists, watches, or necklaces). Please do not schedule any piercings prior to performances. Remove nail polish.

Theater Information
  • A mandatory meeting for the cast and all parents will be held at the beginning of Tech Week to review important information.
  • New families are required to take a mandatory tour of the Montana Theatre venue.
  • The PAR-TV building is open to the public and theft often occurs. Do not bring anything of value to the theater.
  • Label everything you bring to the theater (ballet tights, slippers, leotards, make-up kits, personal clothing, shoes, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc.). By the end of the week, the lost and found is impressive.
  • No street shoes are allowed in the downstairs dance studios and a UM room monitor will be stationed at the studio doorway.
  • Performers are encouraged to bring supportive slippers or inside shoes because the concrete hallways are hard on everyone’s feet.
  • No gum is allowed in the building, and no food is allowed in the audience or dressing rooms.
  • Dancers (whether or not in costume) are not allowed in the lobby area or audience before or after performances.
Photos / Videos
GCB hires professionals to photograph and videotape during rehearsals and performances. Photographs and digital recordings are made available for purchase. While sales are not profitable, we hope to at least break even! GCB is committed to providing these services to families and maintaining historical records of our wonderful production. Visit our Gallery for years of memories!

Images and recordings taken by dancers, family members, or friends are for personal use only. Images and recordings of your dancer that include other dancers may not be distributed on social media (i.e. please do not post photos and recordings on Facebook if they include any child that is not your own).

Cast Party
One of the highlights of Nutcracker is the cast party! GCB supplies pizza and families pitch in with snacks and treats to feed the crowd. Dancers wear whatever they feel like — from fancy dresses and high-heeled shoes to footed pajamas or comfortable sweats. It is a festive dance party celebration of the whole season and everyone’s hard work!