Annual Income Breakdown

Garden City Ballet’s annual income typically looks like this:

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^Fundraising Programs (i.e. Concessions) and Workshops (i.e. Boot Camp)

For our 2020 season, faced with no income from ticket sales, GCB will be taking a significant financial hit (as many small businesses and nonprofits are experiencing). In order for us to continue producing The Nutcracker and sponsoring our signature school show for 500 children every year, we need you to make a donation. We need you to invite your friends and family to make a donation. We need hospitals, banks, realtors, car dealers, medical professionals, hotels, outfitters, law offices, accounting firms, funeral homes, property managers, and insurance companies to make a donation. We need Nutcracker parents to identify potential donors or join GCB’s Fundraising Committee.

Donor Welcome Packet

There are tangible benefits of making a charitable donation (in addition to the warm, fuzzy feeling you get). Please review these documents to learn more (or, head straight to the Store if you are ready to donate now!):
Welcome Letter
Donor Levels and Benefits
Contribution Form
School Show
Advertising Instructions

Other Ways to Give

If you are not in a position to make a donation, there are other fun and meaningful ways to make a difference! We invite you to shop, volunteer and participate in our Community Partner events — every dollar really adds up, and we are truly, deeply, profoundly grateful for everyone’s continued support. You can donate online through our Store, or the old-fashioned way (by mailing a check).