Ah, casting… every year there will be tears of joy and tears of sorrow. This is inevitable, and GCB encourages good sportsmanship from dancers and parents alike.

Please understand that casting decisions will be made in order to produce the best show possible. Casting depends on many factors, including the number and skill level of all dancers who audition, our costume inventory, and the types of roles offered by any given Artistic Director.

There is no guarantee that everyone who auditions will receive a part — at the same time, some dancers may be cast in more than one role. There is no automatic progression from one role to another (i.e. a Gingersnap does not always become a Mouse the following year). Seniors are not guaranteed a solo or a spot in the Snow Corps. And, performers may be cast in the same role year after year — because they are needed (i.e. Snow Corps, Flower Corps, Soldiers). The Artistic Director will consider prior roles of each dancer, but it is not always possible to give every dancer a “new” role.

Casting Committee
A committee works together on casting decisions — this includes the Artistic Director, Assistant Artistic Director, all choreographers for the season, and an independent adjudicator hired specifically to attend auditions for the older age groups. While the independent adjudicator will identify and rank order all soloists (including Clara), the Artistic Director ultimately has final authority. Auditions are closed to parents, board members, and other staff.

The committee does not assign or guarantee roles based on:
– whether a dancer is a high school senior
– prior roles or understudy roles
– family donations of money and/or volunteer service
– other scheduled activities or commitments that a dancer may have (i.e. my dancer can’t rehearse Saturday 12-2 because of soccer (or) my dancer can only be cast in roles that rehearse on Sunday, etc.)

Unfortunately, there will always be casting disappointment.

The role of understudy is critical to the success of our show. Understudies learn essential parts of the ballet, knowing they may never perform these roles. It is likely that many upper level dancers will be assigned an understudy role, and we appreciate those who generously agree to contribute their hard work, time, and talent.
Declining a Role
Parents, please read this article — your response to your dancer’s disappointment will have tremendous impact.
Helping Dancers Deal with Disappointment” by Nichelle Suzanne (Founder/Editor at Dance Advantage)

If a dancer needs to decline a role (including an understudy role) due to a scheduling conflict, please follow these instructions:

Notify the Artistic Director ( and Administrative Director ( by email stating “Thank you for casting me (or my dancer) in the role of _______________. Unfortunately, I am (or my dancer is) not able to accept this part due to a scheduling conflict.”

If a dancer is not interested in dancing a certain role, please decline the role as follows:

Notify the Artistic Director ( and Administrative Director ( by email stating “Thank you for casting me (or my dancer) in the role of _______________. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but I am (or my dancer is) not interested in this part and prefer that it be offered to another dancer.”

If a dancer wishes to drop out of Nutcracker altogether due to casting disappointment, please weigh the few minutes of performing on stage against the months of being in rehearsals with fellow dancers, the excitement of tech week, and the camaraderie of being part of the production as a whole. If you are absolutely sure about your decision, please follow these instructions:

Notify the Artistic Director ( by email stating “I am disappointed in the outcome of casting, and have made the difficult decision to withdraw from the cast. I understand that I will not be considered for other roles that might become available.”

If a dancer and/or parent would like to meet in person with the Artistic Director to discuss any casting concerns, please add:

“I (or we) would like to discuss our concerns, and will contact you to schedule a meeting in January, after the production is over.”

The process of casting is complex and challenging. When roles are declined, it takes significant work to fill vacant spots — this can be a time consuming process to complete before rehearsals begin.

Also, keep in mind that if you (or your dancer) is disappointed in their originally assigned roles, it is possible that additional opportunities will come up as a result of other dancers declining a role — if you stick with the season, you may end up with an unexpected part… you never know!

Even though feelings can be hurt by casting, please keep in mind that if a dancer or parent sends a distressing or disrespectful email that criticizes casting decisions, it can be damaging to the Artistic Team — it also demonstrates unprofessional behavior. Dancers and parents are always welcome to have a conversation about casting, but the appropriate time is after the production is over. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

Final Cast

2022 Nutcracker Cast — Congratulations!

Please review the entire cast list carefully as some (but not all) dancers ages 11 and older may have more than one role.

Act One: Opening Scene

Mistletoe Vendors:  Audrey Elliott Muchow, Libby Soll

Carolers:  Stella Albritton, Linnea Farr, Ellette Whitcomb

Ice Skaters:  Lindley Erickson, Kinley Munden, Margot Pence, Layla Sevilla

Drosselmeyer:  Jeff Medley

Drosselmeyer’s Assistant / Nutcracker Prince:  Quinn Wyland

Act One: Party Scene

Butler:  Dan Haney

Maids:  Marlena Serviss, Anya Smith

Clara:  Olivia Farnes

Fritz:  Robbie Gibbons

Governess:  Carolyn Lewis

Mother:  Emily Weiler

Father:  Travis Munden

Grandmother:  Lori Stevens

Clara’s Friends:  Kiley Medlinger, Ashlyn Phillips

Party Girls:  Nora Boyle, Norah Blakely, Isla Brake, Maia Haney, Meru Lafata, Rhea Smith, Maya Strawbridge, Ruby Wicks

Party Boys:  Charlotte Angle, Edda Corn, Ella Domitrovich, Erik Domitrovich, Maya Leischner, Mara Reynoso, Olivia Stout

Party Guests:  Natalie Boose, Greg Dillon, Ryan Medlinger, Burgundie Miceli, Kim Strawbridge, Clint Summers, Russ Thomas, Jenna Wicks

Toy Soldier Doll:  Thalia Lambros

Ballerina Doll:  Phoebe Dillon

Harlequin Doll:  Opal Murray

Act One: The Magical Battle (Fight Scene)

Rat King:  Keiana Griggs

Hench Mice:  Evie Belsom, Carmen Cavanaugh

Lead Mice:  Julia Hahn, Anastasia Potchak

Little Mice:  Zoey Auch, Sophie Boyle, Asher Eve Brake, June Cashman, Alicia Clement, Avery Dente, Elliana Hatten, Kendal Kolendich, Lula Larson, Zeyda McAfee, Isla Parker, Scarlett Sebastian

Soldier General:  Maggie Watts

Soldier Captains:  Piper Bratton, Ashley Follett, Charlotte Gimpelson, Genevieve Hedström

Soldier Corps:  Daphne Adams, Emerson Dady, Aspen Headley, Wynn Hoffman, Pia Koelle, Dana Matteau, Cora Miller, Rowen Moore, Iris Pence, Olivia Stout

Ornaments:  Lillian Adair, Hazel Black, Kaitlyn Reinhardt

Act One:  Snow Scene

Snow Princess:  Ava Tooke

Demi-Soloists:  Thalia Lambros, Sawyer Reed

Snowflakes:  Elizabeth Arrigali, Charlie Bratton, Phoebe Dillon, Cate Gibbons, Reagan Hudiburgh, Audrey Kurz, Audrey Elliott Muchow, Maggie Watts

Act Two: Kingdom of Sweets

Moonflower Fairy:  Cate Gibbons

Angels:  Maya Anderson, Olive Boettcher, Nora Boyle, Ella Domitrovich, Celeste Farago, Lake Sings in the Timber

Welcome Garden ~

Butterflies:  Talla Gass, Ashlyn Phillips

Royal Attendants:  Robbie Gibbons, Kate Reed

Bluebells:  Stella Albritton, Hazel Black, Charlie Bratton, Carmen Cavanaugh, Linnea Farr, Libby Soll

Violets:  Thea Goodwin, Julia Hahn, Aspen Headley, Wynn Hoffman, Cora Miller, Anastasia Potchak, Sylvie Semanoff, Ruby Wicks

Chocolate from Spain ~

Soloist:  Reagan Hudiburgh

Corps:  Charlotte Gimpelson, Genevieve Hedström, Kiley Medlinger, Layla Sevilla

Tea from China ~

Soloist:  Thalia Lambros

Corps:  Daphne Adams, Piper Bratton, Emerson Dady, Maia Haney, Maya Leischner, Margot Pence, Sylvie Semanoff, Rhea Smith, Maya Strawbridge, Emma Williams

Nightingale:  Ava Tooke

Corps:  Evie Belsom, Carmen Cavanaugh, Thea Goodwin, Wynn Hoffman, Ellette Whitcomb, Betty Wicks

Marzipan from Denmark ~

Shepherdesses:  Talla Gass, Ashlyn Phillips, Libby Soll

Sheep:  Isis Franczyk, Saoirse Ferriter, Mari Naughton

Mother Ginger:  Travis Munden

Gingersnaps:  Asher Eve Brake, Fiona Carr, Liliana Eirkson, Ellie Fontaine, Hildi Halland, Fia Hammond, Teressa Hedström, Claire Zehnpfennig

Trepak from Russia:  Charlie Bratton, Audrey Elliott Muchow, Maggie Watts

Act Two:  Waltz of the Flowers

Rose Queen:  Sawyer Reed

Demi-Soloists:  Elizabeth Arrigali, Audrey Kurz

Corps:  Lillian Adair, Hazel Black, Lindley Erickson, Ashley Follett, Kinley Munden, Kaitlyn Reinhardt, Layla Sevilla, Betty Wicks

Rosebuds:  Iris Pence, Aubrie Phillips, Kate Reed, Rhea Smith

With Special Guest Artists

Sugar Plum Fairy:  Ashley Hagler DeGroot

Cavalier:  Blake Lanesskog